people 4 conferenceEach and every working day in Wiltshire we help people resolve their legal, money and other issues.  We do this by providing the advice and information people need for the problems they face and by campaigning to improve the policies and practices that affect people's lives.

We also work in partnership with other local organisations, community groups and Wiltshire Council to ensure the people of Wiltshire get the advice, support and help they need.   

Below we've featured just some of our most recent achievements, new services on offer, campaign successes and the work we've been doing to help the people of Wiltshire successfully deal with life's problems.

Big Energy Saving Week 2015

Big Energy Saving Week; a national campaign to help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to, starts on 26 October 2015.
The week focuses on raising public awareness of the switching energy supplier/tariff to get the best deal and efficiency issues. This is the fifth Big Energy Saving Week and is a partnership between Citizens Advice, the Energy Saving Trust and the Department of Energy and Climate Change with the support of numerous organisations, charities and companies.

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PIP failures are risking people’s ability to live independently

says Citizens Advice

As Personal Independence Payments (PIP) overtake Employment Support Allowance (ESA) as the most common problem people come to Citizens Advice for help with, the charity urges the government to learn from past mistakes.
Analysis shows the issues people are experiencing with PIP mirror the challenges claimants faced with ESA after it was introduced as a replacement for Incapacity Benefit.

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Using the internet on your mobile abroad can cost more than the holiday itself

Mobile phone customers are unwittingly being hit with massive bills when travelling outside the EU, Citizens Advice has said.

The charity has uncovered major disparities in what firms charge for using the internet and data roaming - one company charges more than 80 times more for its standard rate than it does for its cheapest.

People travelling outside the EU can face bills of thousands of pounds due to high charges and because they do not realise how quickly costs can rise or even that they are using roaming data.

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Advice trends 2014-15

In 2014/15 over 2.5 million people came to Citizens Advice for help on issues ranging from debt to employment, accessing health services to problems with energy companies. As the new Government establishes its priorities, Citizens Advice presents some of the key issues affecting the lives of people who turn to us for advice.

Citizens Advice in England and Wales 2014/15:

key facts nationallykey facts nationally 2

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Wiltshire Citizens Advice in the 21st Century

helping people find a way forward

Mobile CAB horse box during the warFor over 75 years, we have provided free, independent and impartial advice and information to help people resolve their legal, money and other problems.
The world has changed a lot since 1939 when the first 200 bureaux opened their doors as an emergency war service to deal with problems relating to the loss of ration books, homelessness and locating missing relatives. Today, the advice we give is still free and confidential but it is just as likely to be on the phone, or by email as it is in person.
We are equipped to deal with any issue, from anyone, spanning debt and employment to housing and consumer problems plus everything in between. Today, just as in 1939, the vast majority of people who deliver our service are unpaid volunteers, who give their time and skills to help others.
We are as busy as ever. Last year, in Wiltshire alone, we helped nearly 18,000 people with over 45,000 new problems. Tomorrow, we want to do even more.

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Friends and relatives unknowingly signing up to large debts

Friends and relatives are being saddled with mountains of debt after unknowingly signing up to guarantee expensive loan repayments, Citizens Advice has said.
A new report from the national charity warns about guarantor loans – which it says have the potential to be “just as damaging” as payday loans.
This type of loan sees a borrower give the name of a guarantor, normally a friend or family member, who is then pursued in the case of default or arrears.
A Problem Shared says 43 per cent of guarantors who sought help from Citizens Advice were unsure of the extent of their responsibilities. It also highlights that guarantors can still be liable to pay off a debt even if the borrower has died.

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Scams Awareness Month

Scams Awareness Month takes place throughout July 2015 and is an annual opportunity for consumers to take a united stand against predatory practices that affect millions of people each year.
The aims of the campaign are to raise awareness of the extent of scams and the threat they pose to our finances and wellbeing, to help people to recognise the tell tale signs of a scam, via phone, online, mail or face to face and to develop consumer confidence to take time to make the right decision.

Take time to talk about scams

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"Upside-down" Housing Benefit reforms leave people unable to pay rent

Commenting on research published today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Chief Executive of national charity Citizens Advice has said that the "whirlwind" of changes has left increasing numbers of people unable to pay their housing costs.
Citizens Advice Chief Executive, Gillian Guy, said:
"The Government's upside-down approach to housing costs has left many people on the edge of losing their home. Citizens Advice saw a 16 per cent increase in social housing tenants dealing with rent arrears in 2013. Last year we saw a rise of 26 per cent in our clients living in social housing who faced having their house repossessed. We need urgent action to get housing costs down.
Wiltshire housing issues

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Nearly 20 times as many complaints about worst energy supplier

Consumers have made nearly 20 times as many complaints about the worst energy companies as they have about the best performing supplier, according to new data from Citizens Advice.
The consumer champion today publishes its quarterly energy supplier league table, which for the first time includes complaints data of the 18 largest energy suppliers operating in the UK market.

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Low pay coupled with higher housing costs

are impacting on people’s ability to provide a safe and stable home

Affordability, the high cost of renting and changes to Wiltshire Council’s housing allocation policy are all affecting people’s ability to provide a safe and stable home, in Wiltshire for their families.
Last year in Wiltshire, we helped nearly 16,000 people, in person or over the phone with almost 40,000 issues. Thousands more sought advice via our online services.

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Valuing Volunteers

celebrating ordinary people who do extraordinary things – our volunteers

Volunteers are vital to the Citizens Advice service, working in partnership with staff to provide quality advice and support to over 15,000 people every year in Wiltshire. Last year, nearly 200 volunteers donated over £1million worth of hours to our service. 
We'd like to say a big thank you to all our volunteers, past and present for the fantastic contribution they make in helping the people of Wiltshire successfully deal with life's problems.

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Renters at risk in repossessions

Black adult male and white adult female and children outside rented homeThousands of tenants in the private rental sector face eviction at short notice when their homes are repossessed, according to Citizens Advice.
The national charity’s new report Renting in the recovery, reveals up to 6,800 tenants are evicted every year when landlords get into mortgage arrears.
The report finds renters in the private sector often don’t get the protection they are entitled to if a landlord is repossessed, with some tenants only finding out they are being evicted when bailiffs show up at their door.
Citizens Advice fears cases like this could increase when interest rates rise and some landlords struggle with higher mortgage repayments.

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Energy suppliers ‘must pass on low wholesale energy costs’

says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has called on energy companies to pass on low wholesale energy costs to customers.
The consumer champion makes the call as British Gas today posted its latest profit statement, showing profits in their residential business almost doubling compared to the same period last year, jumping from £265m to £528m.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently released interim findings from its investigation into the energy market, revealing the market was failing the majority of consumers.

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Top Tips for Being Scam Aware

Internet Scams


Scams are schemes to con you out of your money. Every day the Citizens Advice service sees clients who have fallen victims of scams. People desperately looking for housing, jobs and better energy deals for their homes, are targeted by scammers.
Scams Awareness Month (July 2015) is about consumers getting together with the help of their representative organisations including the Citizens Advice service and trading standards services.

It’s about consumers refusing to be rushed by scammers, refusing to be hushed into silence by a sense of shame, foolhardiness, or weary acceptance.

It is about creating a community of informed, confident consumers, alert to the dangers, assertive in dealing with that out of the blue contact; that ambush lurking in the detail; consumers decisive about what to do next. And consumers prepared to share what they have learned, look out for others in their communities, the vulnerable, the inexperienced, who – as the statistics tell us – will be targeted repeatedly unless we all speak out about scams.


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Don’t be Rushed Don’t Be Hushed

- Spot Scams Stop Scams

Scams image
Each year millions of people in the UK fall prey to scammers. Some frontline scam fighters estimate the total cost to consumers of mass-marketed scams could be as much as £5 billion. The truth is – with reporting levels as low as 5 per cent for some types of scams – we don’t really know.
So the figures don’t always help. Talking in hundreds, thousands, millions even billions of pounds undervalues the true cost of scams: the blight they bring to lonely lives, the emotional trauma for families, the widespread loss of confidence among consumers.

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