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Housing: There's no place like home

Why are we running this campaign?

house statsAffordability, the high cost of renting and changes to Wiltshire Council’s housing allocation policy are all affecting people’s ability to provide a safe and stable home for their families.
Last year more than 2,000 people came to us for help with over 2,800 housing problems. Overwhelmingly, the biggest housing issue we helped with was private rented property.
This, along with feedback from our frontline workers is why we have chosen to look at local housing issues and what can be done to tackle them for our latest campaign.
Why now?
In Wiltshire, as across the UK in general there is a high demand for affordable homes; and demand outweighs supply.
In December 2014, Wiltshire Council introduced a new Allocation Policy to ensure that “affordable housing in Wiltshire is offered to those in greatest housing need”. The Council now have a waiting list of 1,600.

With the introduction of Universal Credit to Wiltshire in March 2015, Housing Associations developed new affordability tests for prospective tenants. Our research has shown that the criteria varies, adding to challenges for people looking for a home.

With the average Wiltshire house price c.£212,000 but the average salary just over £20,000, buying a home is beyond the means of many people in Wiltshire. This coupled with the lack of affordable housing means it is no surprise that many families are turning to the private rental market. Rent prices
But neither is renting that affordable. Private tenants typically pay out over 40% of their wages in rent; and for too many renters - high fees, ‘rogue’ landlords and poor conditions are a fact of life.

To find out more download our 2-page Housing: Emerging trend report below:

How can you get involved?

Simple ways you can get involved…

Your real life experiences demonstrate the impact policies and services have on people’s lives.

They show the human stories behind our facts and figures.

Our team are currently collecting real life stories and evidence of housing issues in Wiltshire...

Here’s how you can take part in our There’s no place like home campaign...

Theres no place like home post card
1. Tell us why there's no place like home

A home is more than bricks and mortar; it is a sanctuary, a safe haven. It is a place to relax - a place full of wonderful memories.

As part of our research into the state of housing in Wiltshire, we're asking local residents to tell us what makes your home so special to you.

Please click on the following link: and fill out a 'virtual postcard' to tell us what your home means to you.


2. Tell us about your housing situation
Whether you are safe and settled, or looking for a place to live, tell us about your current housing situation and help us build up a clear picture of making a home in Wiltshire. 
We've designed a short survey with just 6 questions, please help our research by completing a copy.quotes 1a
Go to: to fill out our questionnaire.


Need housing advice?

Whether you are looking for a place to live, or already renting home, housing issues will always arise and therefore you need to know your rights and responsibilities.
You could also find yourself threatened with eviction if you can't cope with your mortgage payments.



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